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Here, we open the doors to a world of innovative materials, manufacturing processes, and industry insights. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of closed-cell, physically cross-linked foam products, SEKISUI Voltek offers solutions that add value to various industries and applications, from automotive and aerospace to construction and sports equipment.

Through this blog, we aim to share our knowledge, experience, and expertise in foam technology with our readers. Whether you are an engineer seeking cutting-edge foam solutions, an industry professional wanting to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, or simply curious about the world of foam, we have something for everyone.

History of SEKISUI Voltek and Volara® Foam

SEKISUI Voltek’s closed cell, cross-linked polyolefin Volara® foam has grown to become a widely recognized brand of foam. Volara is found in many everyday applications for the transportation, medical and general industrial markets. As one can imagine, becoming the leader in the closed-cell, cross-linked polyolefin foam market did not happen overnight. This blog covers the history of SEKISUI Voltek and the start of making our Volara foam.

Differences Between Irradiation and Chemically Cross-linked Foams

When it comes to foam materials, there are two methods of crosslinking: irradiation, or physically crosslinking, and chemically cross-linking. These methods have their own unique characteristics and result in foam with differing properties.

Volara® Automotive Foam Grades

Last week was “Race Week” here in Michigan, and we are spotlighting how and where SEKSIUI Voltek’s Volara® foam is used within the automotive market. Our product range includes an assortment of polyethylene and polypropylene foams designed specifically to meet the needs of the global automotive industry.

The Future of Flame Retardants (FR)

In recent years, the US and other countries have been following a more environmentally conscious approach to halogenated flame retardants, leading to increased regulation across various industries where halogens can be used, and has ignited (no pun intended), the demand for halogen-free options.

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What is Volara® Foam?

What is Volara foam? Volara is a closed-cell, irradiation cross-linked foam, meaning air and moisture cannot pass through. Additionally, our foam goes through a special radiation crosslinking process to enhance its performance and functionality capabilities. Its smooth surface, consistent density and uniform gauge offers unmatched physical properties.

Open Cell Foam Vs Closed Cell Foam: What’s the Difference?

With closed-cell foam, gas forms discrete pockets, each completely surrounded by solid material and sealed off, so air cannot pass through. Closed cell foams are most frequently found in construction, packaging, marine, electronics, automotive, and medical.

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