Level your playing field with Alveosport

Alveosport is an innovative, cross-linked polyolefin foam product designed specifically as a shock pad in sports floors and artificial turf systems. It is manufactured using only virgin base materials so that the technical properties can be precisely controlled. By using different types of resins and optimizing the thickness and density of the foam, the technical layer can be fine-tuned to deliver just the right shock absorption, energy restitution, ball bounce, and resilience for any type of sports field.

Benefits of Alveosport

  • Easy Installation
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Optimized Performance in Artificial Turf Systems
  • Extended Durability and Constant Performance
  • Available as Sustainable ISCC PLUS Certified Grade
Standard Capabilities
Thickness Range

8mm to 20mm

Length Range

Up to 100 meters

Width Range

1.95 meters


Cross-linked, closed cell polyolefin foam

Patented Performance

Patented design allowing two-way expansion and contraction. Shock pad will adjust to temperature fluctuations with no change to the overall footprint


Perforated for drainage – water will flow through holes in the sheet, but not the material itself

Sekisui Voltek

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