The most innovative flexible foam insulation products available to the HVAC and building industry

Thermobreak® is the world’s leading physically cross-linked, closed-cell polyolefin thermal and acoustic insulation for the building industry and OEM’s. With a lower thermal conductivity than any other flexible insulation material and an almost zero vapor permeability, Thermobreak® provides superior energy-saving performance, fast and simple installation, and trouble-free operation in a variety of environments.

Product Details

Thermobreak is a closed-cell physically cross-linked polyolefin foam insulation available in sheets, rolls, and as preformed pipe insulation. It is supplied with factory applied reinforced aluminum foil facing and repositionable acrylic tissue adhesive system. Our materials are of the highest quality. Our aluminum foil facing is reinforced providing additional physical protection to the insulation and at the same time reducing heat flow.

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NO Clad-External Insulation
OEM Insulation
Pipe Insulation
Acoustic Insulation
HVAC Dusting
Transit Vehicle Insulation
Standard Capabilities

Thermobreak has the lowest thermal conductivity among flexible insulation (at 0.22

It is over 18% more energy efficient than chemically cross-linked foam.


With almost zero water vapor permeability and absorption, Thermobreak is effective in condensation control.

Its thermal conductivity remains relatively constant for a period of 10 years – significantly contributing to building sustainability and energy cost reduction.


The “All in One” system enables fast and easy installation, providing significant installation savings and superior job finish.

No additional vapor barriers, coatings, or mechanical fasteners are required.


Complies with major international fire codes.

ASTM E84 (25/50) (Construction and HVAC )
NFPA 130 (Transit)
UL94 (Equipment)
EN 454551-2 (Transit)


Central to the green building concept is thermal insulation. Thermobreak insulation is manufactured to support and comply with such initiatives and enables credit point accumulation through various building accreditation systems such as LEED.

  • It has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (Montreal Protocol) and low Global Warming Potential.
  • It has non-allergenic properties and is resistant to mold growth.
  • No CFC’s, HCFC’s, PVC or formaldehyde used to manufacture Thermobreak.
  • OEM Insulation
  • HVAC Insulation
  • Pipe and Equipment Insulation
  • Rail Vehicle Insulation

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