Minicel and Youngboard

Versatile bun foam for a variety of applications

Minicel and Youngboard are extremely fine-celled, chemically cross-linked bun foams that are ideal for an array of applications where a thicker foam is required. It combines a smooth aesthetic feel with superior physical and chemical properties, and is available in a wide range of types, colors and densities.

Standard Capabilities
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Thickness Range – Up to 4 inches, depending on density

Conversion Methods – Die cutting, waterjet cutting, vacuum forming, compression molding, lamination, skiving and butt welding.

Density Range – 2.0 – 22 PCF

Applications – Class A surface protection, packaging, cushioning, automotive dunnage, padding.

Material – Fine-celled, chemically cross-linked bun foam

Minicel Testing

Minicel Passes Testing

  • FA25/853(a) (LF200 Only)
  • UL 94HF-1
  • FMVSS-302
  • UL 1191 (PFD)
  • Personal Flotation Device

Available Grades

  • PE/PE Alloy
  • EVA/PE Alloy
  • MDPE
  • EVA (higher VA content) – (Type G)
  • EVA (lower VA content)
Youngboard Testing

Youngboard Passes Testing

  • FMVSS-302

Available Grades

  • Conductive
  • EVA/FR
  • PE/PE Alloy
  • EVA (higher VA content)

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