Volara® is a closed-cell, irradiation cross-linked polyolefin foam, available in roll form.  It is a highly versatile, flexible and durable product that delivers an unmatched level of consistency and performance for a range of applications. Volara foams are resistant to most chemicals, and its low water and vapor absorption rate makes it a dependable solution for industries such as transportation, tape and healthcare, general industrial, construction, recreation and leisure, and more.

Explore our range of Volara® products

At SEKISUI Voltek, we understand that every application has specific needs when it comes to materials, and that is why we offer a range of unique solutions for our customers. Our Volara® foam products are available in different thicknesses, densities, and colors, making them the ideal choice for customers who need customized solutions. We also have a large portfolio of standard grades available.

Our catalog consists of PP, PE and EVA foams. Certain elements can be customized such as:

  • Resin Blends – sustainable solutions are also available including recycled resin, calcium carbonate filled and stearate-free options
  • Flame Retardant Additive
  • Anti-Microbial Properties
  • UV Resistant Properties
  • Embossing Available
  • Consider Adding Volextra® our melt-bonded extrusion coatings for even more performance characteristics

Benefits of Volara® Foam

  1. Flexible and Soft – Specific Volara grades have been FDA approved for food and skin contact. See product grades below.
  2. Excellent Adhesive Substrate – Volara Foam has superior adhesive properties making it a top choice for many medical and industrial tape applications.
  3. Low Water and Vapor Absorption – Our high-quality foams have exceptional resistance to moisture, allowing them to withstand most chemicals, water and vapor for long periods.
  4. Ease of Converting- There are various conversion methods available that make working with Volara foam a converters dream. See standard capabilities below.
  5. Conformable and Strong – Volara Foam is highly versatile and can be applied to a range of products, including gaskets, seals, insulation, and cushioning for various markets.

Volara Markets

General Industrial
Industrial Tape
Recreation & Leisure
Tape & Healthcare

Product Details

Volara is non-toxic, contains no CFC, HCFC, or hydrocarbon blowing agents, and is available in continuous rolls and laminated sheets.

Standard Capabilities
Product Grades
Product Resources

In Roll Form – available from 0.013″ to 0.600″


from 1.75 to 20 PCF


Soft to Semi-Rigid


Ocean Blue
Custom Colors Available


Calcium-Carbonate Filled
Recycled Resin
UV Stabilizer
Fire Retardant



Compression Molding
Die Cutting
Pressure-Sensitive Coating And Printing
Vacuum Forming
Waterjet Cutting

*SEKISUI Voltek does not convert the product but we can recommend a converter who is familiar working with our products

Volara® Type & Characteristics

TYPE A: A general purpose LDPE foam with excellent chemical and physical resistance. Often used in construction gap filler, industrial gaskets, custom packaging and flooring underlay. Type A is approved for food contact and a great choice for bottle cap liners. For applications that require FR, a flame retardant can be added.

TYPE AS: Commonly used in automotive applications, this foam has a smooth surface, fine cell structure and superior heat stability with thermoforming capabilities. For applications that need to pass FMVSS 302, consider adding flame retardant.

TYPE AZ: Used in flooring underlayment as a stearate-free option. This foam does not contain animal derivatives and provides enhanced adhesion properties making it ideal for lamination to various substrates.

TYPE EA: A precursor to VolaraBLOCK® foam. Much like Type A grade, this foam has a uniform cell structure but it is formulated to foam thicker than our typical grades.

TYPE EO: Flexible and soft to the touch, this closed-cell EVA copolymer based material has excellent thermal insulation and is a good candidate for adhesive coating applications. The conformability and softness, combined with the strength and toughness of a cross- linked EVA copolymer, has made this one of the most recognized double sided foam tape substrates in North America.

TYPE G: The softest, most flexible and conformable foam offered by SEKISUI Voltek. When compared to other Volara® foam with similar density, this is one of the toughest foams.

TYPE HPT/HPX: A type of precision foam that represents the highest level of foam processing capabilities. It provides unmatched quality with superior thickness and density control, product uniformity and product performance.

TYPE LHR: Specifically designed for aviation interior applications. It meets the FAA standards of heat release, smoke density, vertical burn and toxicity.

TYPE LM: Made of polypropylene, it has superior thermal stability and increased hardness.

TYPE LSO: Rigid polypropylene foam with improved thermal stability and low VOC for flooring underlayment in addition to component thermoforming applications.

TYPE TS: Specially formulated for the industrial tape and gasket markets, it provides the conformability, compression strength and toughness required to meet the demands of the mounting and assembly tape industries.

TYPE VS: Polypropylene foam suitable for vacuum forming processes and designed to have a smooth surface for automotive interior applications, such as door and instrument panels.

TYPE VSO: Designed for vacuum forming applications with excellent thermal stability. Also provides superior insulation properties, low vapor/moisture permeability and excellent acoustic absorption in various flooring underlayment applications.

TYPE VSX: Designed for female vacuum forming applications, excellent deep draw capabilities and superior thermal stability.

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