Volara® Automotive Foam Grades

Last week was “Race Week” here in Michigan, and we are spotlighting how and where SEKSIUI Voltek’s Volara® foam is used within the automotive market. Our product range includes an assortment of polyethylene and polypropylene foams designed specifically to meet the needs of the global automotive industry.

We manufacture Volara foam using our proprietary irradiation cross-linked process, providing a closed-cell, cross-linked foam product available in various densities, resin mixes, thicknesses, widths and colors. Volara is a versatile foam option because of its lightweight, smooth surface and low water absorption. Additionally, it is also ideal for sound dampening and insulation purposes. If your application requires FR or anti-microbial properties, special additives are available to meet your needs.


Type AS – Polyethylene blend for enhanced vacuum forming capabilities. For applications required to pass FMVSS 302, FR can be added.

Type AF – General purpose LDPE foam with certain fire retardant properties and a great choice for automotive components. Meets certain federal, military, and automotive requirements on the flammability of cellular plastics.

Type LS, LSO – Rigid polypropylene alloy with improved thermal stability and ideal for thermoformed component applications.

Type RS – Custom-made polypropylene alloy variants for automotive interior trim, high heat resistance, high elongation.

Type SVS – A soft polypropylene foam with very good recovery characteristics ideal for interior trim applications.

Type VS, VSO, VSX – Custom-made polypropylene alloy variants for automotive interior trim, high heat resistance, high elongation.

Car diagram showing foam products

Car diagram showing foam products


Volextra combines the superior properties of Volara with the added benefit of extrusion coatings added to one side, both sides, or between layers of Volara foam. Volextra also provides enhanced performance, processing and decorative features to meet surface and structural requirements with a lightweight foam material.

  • Surface coatings – LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, EVA, PP, TPO, TPR, SURLYN, FR, UV inhibitors, anti-static
  • Coating range – 2 mils to 55 mils thick, depending on coating resin
  • Surface finish – leather grain, burlap, glossy or matte
  • Thickness – 0.031″ to 2″ laminated
  • Foam Density – 2-12 pcf, all Volara grades

To learn more, email us at prodinfo@sekisuivotlek.com or call (833) 517-1627.