Block Foam With Limitless Opportunities That Exceed Expectations

VolaraBLOCK is our latest innovation that pairs smart design with exceptional product performance to create a consistent density distribution with higher quality cell geometry that saves time and money. Perfect for developing new solutions, VolaraBLOCK provides a number of advantages to a wide-range of industries and applications.



Benefits Of VolaraBLOCK


Design & Appearance


Cost & Efficiency


Quality & Performance


Product Consistency

VolaraBLOCK Applications

Technical Characteristics

VolaraBLOCK’s specialized technique to melt-bond multiple layers provides a high level of stability and rigidity that are proven to meet Class A and Military specifications and serve as a suitable alternative to replace more expensive, composite materials for permanent and temporary construction, aviation, and high-end packaging applications. With VolaraBLOCK you can create smarter designs that have a premium look that push your product vision ahead.



High Quality Product Performance

Our proprietary, non-adhesive bonding technique increases the overall sturdiness and stability without scratching.  The usable skin remains “on” and eliminates a step so you can get to the converting process even quicker.

Custom Solutions For Specific Needs

Our specialists work with you to determine your requirements for density, width, length, color and thickness, so you can realize shorter conversion times and lessen overall waste.

Need more? Add Volextra coatings or embossing patterns to your design.

No Blowholes Save Time and Money

With VolaraBLOCK, there are no pockets, no voids and no blowholes, just a smooth, consistent look-and-feel you can depend on every time.

Consistent Product Time and Time Again

VolaraBLOCK’s layered approach creates a consistent density throughout the entire block thickness ensuring reliable fished part performance.

VolaraBLOCK Grades






EA Standard grade, Excellent thermal insulation, General purpose PE download download
EAF Certain fire retardant properties, General purpose PE download download


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    VolaraBLOCK Resources





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    download MB 17 Natural Rubber Latex download MB 21 RoHS 3 Compliance
    download MB 21a RoHS 2 Compliance for Minicel download MB 23 Berry Amendment Compliance
    download MB 24 Silicone download MB 25 PBDE
    download MB 26 BSE download MB 28 and 29 REACH Statement and SVHC List
    download MB 30 Substance Statement download MB 31 Phthalates
    download MB 34 Toxic Ingredients for Volara download MB 35 CONEG and TPCH Compliance
    download MB 36 GMO Free Products download MB 38 California Proposition 65
    download MB 64 Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) download MB 65 POP Regulation