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Volara is a closed-celled, irradiation cross-linked polyolefin foam, available in roll and sheet form. It offers aesthetic appeal as well as an outstanding range of performance characteristics. Its smooth surface, consistent density, and uniform gauge offer superior physical properties.

Volara foams are resistant to most chemicals and their low water absorption and vapor transmission rate make them a versatile, dependable foam solution. Our polyolefin foam reaches to virtually all markets such as transportation, general industrial, industrial tape, recreation & leisure, and tape & medical.


Benefits Of Volara


Smooth &


Lightweight &


High Impact &


Wide Range
Of Use

Volara Applications

Technical Characteristics

Volara is nontoxic, contains no CFC, HCFC, or hydrocarbon blowing agents, and is available in continuous rolls and laminated sheets.



Thickness Range

In Roll Form – available from 0.010″ to 0.500″
In Laminated Rolls and Sheet Form – from 0.050″ to 5.00″

Density Range

from 1.5 to 20 PCF

Firmness Range

Soft to Semi-rigid

Conversion Process

Die Cutting
Waterjet Cutting
Vacuum Forming
Compression Molding
Pressure-Sensitive Coating and Printing


Ocean Blue
Custom colors are also available

Additional Options

Fire Retardant


Volara Grades






A Volara Type A is a general purpose cross-linked LDPE foam with an excellent chemical and physical resistance. Foam of this variety is often used in construction gap filler, industrial gaskets, custom packaging, flooring underlay, and bottle cap liners, as it contains FDA compliant materials acceptable for food contact. Because of its fine cellular structure, Type A foam can be compression molded and will thermoform. PE download -
AF Volara Type AF was developed to meet certain federal, military, and industry requirements on the flammability of cellular plastics. General purpose cross-linked LDPE foam with certain fire retardant properties. PE - download
AS Volara Type AS is an enhanced flexible closed-cell polyethylene foam that is crosslinked by means of a unique electron irradiation process. This results in a continuous smooth surface foam materials with a fine cell structure and superior heat stability with deep draw vacuum forming capabilities. PE download download
M Volara Type M is a very comparable grade to Volara Type A. Volara Type M offers higher temperature resistance than Type A along with a higher stiffness making Type M a good compression molding foam grade. PE download download
S Volara Type S has the best heat stability PE grade offered by Sekisui Voltek. Volara Type S has excellent dent recovery and deep draw vacuum forming capabilities PE download -
EO Volara Type EO foams are flexible, soft to the touch, closed cell EVA copolymer based materials that has excellent thermal insulation and strong adhesive anchorage foam. The conform-ability and softness of Volara Type EO, combined with the strength and toughness of a crosslinked EVA copolymer, has made this grade of foam one of the most recognized double sided foam tape substrates in North America. EVA download download
G Volara Type G foams are the most flexible, most conformable and softest to the touch offered by Sekisui Voltek. Compared with other Volara foams at comparable density, Volara Type G foams offer higher tensile strength and greater elongation to break. Volara Type G get their flexibility and toughness from high VA content EVA copolymer they are made from. EVA download download
TS Volara Type TS is specially formulated for the industrial tape and gasket markets. This material is a polyblend of two resin types, combined to provide the conform-ability, compression strength and toughness required to meet the demands of the mounting and assembly tape industries. Blend download download
LM Volara Type LM has superior heat stability (up to 270° F), good hardness, and improved thermal stability PP download download
LSO Volara Type LSO has excellent compression properties, improved thermal stability, suitable for component thermoforming application PP download -
R Volara Type R is a general purpose cross-linked PE foam made with recycled resin. This foam has many of the same uses and properties as Volara Type A foam, but paves the way for a more sustainable future. Recycled PE - -
RSH Volara Type RSH has a rigid alloy foam (RAF) specifically designed for low pressure molding applications PP download -
SVS Volara Type SVS has soft PP foam designed for automotive interiors PP download -
VSO Volara Type VSO is designed for Male Vacuum forming applications, good thermal stability PP download -
VSX Volara Type VSX is designed for female vacuum forming applications, excellent deep draw capabilities, superior thermal stability PP download -


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