A Versatile, Durable,
Chemically Crosslinked Foam
That Fits Any Industry

Artilon is a chemically crosslinked foam that offers you superior mechanical and physical properties so you can build better products that require low water absorption, thermal and chemical insulation, shock absorption, buoyancy, and cushioning. It’s lightweight, durable, and easily fabricated for a variety of applications in building & construction, automotive, sundry goods, and more.


Benefits Of Artilon


Low Water Absorption


Thermal & Chemical Insulated


Versatile Usage


Highly Durable

Artilon Applications

Artilon Details

Artilon is a closed-cell, chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam available in roll or sheet form

Artilon Grades

Standard (SH)
Heat Resistance (SHH)
Elasticity – added Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (SHV)
Fire Retardant (SHN)
Anti-Fungal (SHM)
Semi-Non-Flammable (SHG)
Fine Cell (SHF)


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