The World’s Softest Cross-linked Polyolefin Foam

Alveosoft is the softest foam product featuring a high compressibility and shape recovery, combined with excellent durability. Alveosoft has a partly open-cell structure that is more than ten times softer than other well-known closed-cell polyolefin foams and comes closer to the range of soft PVC, PUR and EPDM foams.


Benefits Of Alveosoft




Soft & Comfortable


Shock Absorbent


Thermal Stability

Alveosoft Applications

Alveosoft Details

Alveosoft is a continuous roll foam with process skins on both sides. The product range covers quick and slow recovery grades in a range from 2–12 mm and different FR variants (DIN 4102 B2, ISO 3795 FMVSS 302, NF P 92-501 M1).

Highly Resistant

Alveosoft repels water, and has a long life in humid conditions. It will not decay or rot, and does not deteriorate when in contact with chemical substances.

Easy To Compress

Excellent for sealing against dust, draught, noise, and cold, Alveosoft conforms well to irregular gaps and seals without deformation of adjacent structure.

Environmentally Neutral

Alveosoft contains no heavy metals, no dangerous additives (i.e. plasticizers), and is free of CFC’s and HCFC’s.


SA VM (2), SA CK (2/M), SA CM (2/M) SA HM (2), SA GM (2/M)

Compression stress/strain

25% ISO 3386-1 3 kPa 8 kPa
50% 5 kPa 15 kPa

Tensile elongation

ISO 1926 130% 90%

Tensile strength

ISO 1926 250 kPa 205 kPa

Compression set

0.5h ISO 1856-C 7% 14%
24h 3% 6%

Water absorption

ISO 2896 Max.2% Max.2%

Dimensional stability

Internal 90°C 90°C

Thermal conductivity

10°C ISO 8301 0.033 W/m.K 0.034 W/m.K

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