Our focus is on developing and producing cross-linked, closed-cell polyolefin foams for a number of markets and industries throughout North America – but our coverage does not stop there. As a high performance plastics company within Sekisui Chemical, we can leverage our entire global enterprise to bring your product visions to life.


Alveosoft is the softest foam product featuring a high compressibility and shape recovery, combined with excellent durability. Alveosoft has a partly open-cell structure that is more than ten times softer than other well-known closed-cell polyolefin foams and comes closer to the range of soft PVC, PUR and EPDM foams.


Alveosport is an innovative, patented technical layer designed specifically for artificial turf systems for all types of field sports. This technical layer makes up roughly 70% of the vertical sports performance of the overall turf system.


Artilon is a chemically crosslinked foam that offers you superior mechanical and physical properties so you can build better products that require low water absorption, thermal and chemical insulation, shock absorption, buoyancy, and cushioning. It’s lightweight, durable, and easily fabricated for a variety of applications in building & construction, automotive, sundry goods, and more.


Minicel is an extremely fine-celled, chemically cross-linked foam in bun form that is ideal for a wide variety of applications where a thicker foam is required. It combines a smooth aesthetic feel with superior physical and chemical properties, and is available in a wide range of types, colors and densities.


Softlon LHR and Softlon LFP, from Sekisui Global foam solutions, set a new standard for aircraft-grade foam. Innovated especially for aviation, Softlon LHR and Softlon LFP, produced in rolls from polyolefin, is 20 percent lighter than traditional foams – and it complies with aviation requirements for heat release, vertical burn, smoke density, and toxic gas […]


Thermobreak® is the world’s leading physically cross-linked, closed-cell polyolefin thermal and acoustic insulation for the building industry and OEM’s. With a lower thermal conductivity than any other flexible insulation material and an almost zero vapor permeability, Thermobreak® provides superior energy-saving performance, fast and simple installation, and trouble-free operation in a variety of environments.   Learn […]

YoungBoard Foam

YoungBoard is an impressive block-type foam that has a fine, homogeneous cell structure with excellent insulation, cushioning, and water-repellent properties. With its smooth feel, color variety, and printable surface it can be used for many applications, providing a unique solution for your specific needs.