Voltek Announces Plans to Exhibit at Medical Design & Manufacturing West 2003, Conference & Exhibition

LAWRENCE, MA (December 2002) – VOLTEK, Division of Sekisui America Corporation has announced plans to exhibit at the Medical Design & Manufacturing West 2003 (MD&M 2003) in Anaheim, California from February 19 – 21, 2003. For the past two years, Voltek has joined other companies participating at this event.

For 2003, Voltek will be displaying new products and capabilities recently developed for the medical market. The products include the following:

Voltek has made significant manufacturing improvements to both Volara and Minicel.

Volara 4 – 6 pcf foams can be manufactured widths great than 80″ wide. The wide width will allow customers with secondary processing equipment to utilize their machinery to the fullest capabilities.

Minice bun foams can be manufactured at a thickness of 4″. All resin types and colors that are currently produced at a 3″ thickness are now available at 4″. The following densities are available: 1.5, 1.7, 2.25, 2.5, 2.85, 3.2 and 6.5 pcf.

Volara HPT: A high performance irradiated crosslinked closed-cell polyolefin foam. Volara HPT offers the tightest gauge and density control in the industry. Volara HPT .012″ is the thinnest foam manufactured in North America. Precise thickness control means that roll lengths of 4500 feet without gauge banding can be produced.

Volara G: Volara G foams are derived from ethylene copolymers that make them ultra soft and conformable. Manufactured with Voltek’s propriety technology, Volara G foams are not stretched or compressed during the process. The properties of Volara G make it an ideal substrate for wound care, finger bandages, transdermal drug patches, ostomy seals, and electro-medical devices. The favorable economics of polyolefin foams make Volara G a suitable replacement for flexible PVC, urethanes, films, and nonwovens.

Volextra HM: Volara HM is an irradiated crosslinked closed-cell polyolefin foam with a polyethyleneterephthalate(PET) film. By laminating a PET film to Volara, it produces a product with extremely high X-Y modulus. The result is a very mechanically stable substrate that is also tough but conformable. With these dimensionally stable features, Volara HM offers very high rotary die cutting rates without part deformation. The surface is smooth and printable.

Volextra LL: Volextra LL was developed with the concept of thin coatings on thin foams. Volextra LL combines Volara crosslinked foams with a specially formulated linear low density polyethylene extrusion coating. The coatings add functionality and esthetics to Volara foams and can be applied to one or both sides of the foam. In addition, the coatings improve toughness, coefficient of friction, color, texture, abrasion, and molding performance.

Minicel S: Compared with traditional cross-linked polyolefin bun foams, Minicel S has superior resistance to permanent set, is more resilient, possesses high coefficient of friction, and is softer at higher densities. This last feature permits the use of high density foams with their better physical properties while maintaining softness and conformability.

Minicel Two Tone: This product is a combination of two colors that results in a swirled pattern so that each individual color is visible in the product. The Two-Tone product is available in all grades and sizes that are currently available in all Minicel products.