SEKISUI Voltek Receives Effectiveness Award

SEKISUI Voltek recevied a company contribution award from our parent company, SEKISUI CHEMICAL. The Effectiveness Award is given to companies who have shown excellent business results in a specific area. We received this award for enhancing the production of our Thin Foam in North America.

This is the first time the Effectiveness Award has been awarded to a company outside of Japan.

During the evaluation period, we expanded our tape and healthcare market share and made improvements to our process. Some of the achievements were, superior product uniformity, increased density and thickness capabilities, improvements to gauge and density measurement systems, enhanced product performance and new marketing opportunities. We also established best practices and training opportunities for operators to assure that our quality production continued across all shifts.

Award recipients Clay Wulliman, Gus Morel, Irving Rivera and Mike Whelan pictured with SEKISUI Voltek President and CEO, Neil Beckhusen (second from left)

It took a company-wide effort to acheive these results, and we are grateful for each employee’s input and contribution. Narrowing down our selection to only four team members was a difficult task, and we decided on individuals who were called upon more frequently to resolve issues, gain customer approval and improve the production of our ultra-thin foam. We presented them with a commemorative award and treated them to a special dinner as a thank you for their dedication. Additionally, a company lunch will also be provided as a thank you to the rest of the team.