Sekisui Voltek Maintains Focus on Environmental Protection

LAWRENCE, MA (April 22, 2008) – Sekisui Voltek, a global leader in the development of high- performance cross- linked polyolefin foams, continues to demonstrate a high degree of safety and integrity in its operational procedures throughout the Lawrence, Massachusetts plant.

Company officials work closely with the Department of Environmental Protection to minimize the volume of chemicals and disposable materials it generates. Also, the company participates in a variety of safety initiatives in order to ensure that employees, local residents and business owners are kept safe and secure. For example, the company closely monitors all emissions that are released into the environment. The company has installed BACT, Best Available Control Technology, to control air quality in order to measure and maintain a high level of air quality both inside and outside the plant. All materials are properly treated, handled and transported.

Sekisui Voltek Plant Manager, Steven P. Kindler said that the company fully cooperates with state, local and federal agencies to oversee routine plant inspections.

“We are fastidious in our efforts to ensure that our plant is not only in compliance with health and safety regulations, but we’re also focusing on Clean and Lean manufacturing to further reduce our environmental footprint. Remaining responsible neighbors and a contributor to improving the local community is a top priority for us,” said Kindler.

Sekisui Voltek’s cross-linked polyolefin foams are used for various applications, such as automotive components, appliances, telecommunications, consumer equipment, and toys, as well as leisure and sports equipment. The company offers three main product lines: Volara®, Volextra® and Minicel®. Within each of them, Sekisui Voltek can modify elements like resin selection, additives, foaming technologies, cross-linking parameters, density, and thickness to achieve the performance parameters customers need.

The company is an integral part of a worldwide network dedicated to problem solving, continuous improvement and complete customer satisfaction. Their foams provide cost effective, lightweight, high-performance material options to a wide variety of markets. Their expertise is augmented by that of the other Sekisui companies, giving customers the benefit of more brilliant minds than they ever thought possible.