Snowboarders Protect Themselves

LAWRENCE, MA (September 19, 1997) – Janco Inc. of Dover, NH, is using Volara, fine-celled, irradiation, cross-linked foam to compression mold snowboarder fanny pads for their customer, Body Armor of Durham, NC. The pads are used by snowboarders to absorb shocks incurred in falls.

To fulfill the customer’s requirements, Janco needed a material that was both structurally sound and pleasing to the eye. According to Terry Wells, Athletic Sales Manager, after researching potential alternatives to meet customer specifications, Volara (manufactured by Voltek of Lawrence, MA) was the undisputed choice.

Volara is first laminated on one side with a moldable fabric and heated in an oven. Then, it is formed in a cold press . Well said, “The product holds its shape well and provides excellent cushioning. It bounces back after it receives a hit. The material is easy to work with and our customer is very pleased with it cosmetically.”