New Sekisui Voltek Design Kit Educates on the Custom Capabilities of Volextra® Foam

LAWRENCE, MA (June 3, 2010) – Sekisui Voltek, a global leader in the development of high – performance flexible polyolefin substrates, announces the release of the Volextra® Design Kit, a hands-on educational tool for selecting polyolefin-based coatings engineered to match a manufacturer’s specific design needs.

The Volextra® process uses state of the art technology to permanently melt bond solid plastic to Sekisui Voltek Volara®foams .Volara® is a fine, closed-cell crosslinked polyolefin foam also manufactured by Sekisui Voltek. Through this process, polyolefin based coatings can then be custom engineered for any application.

The Kit demonstrates Sekisui Voltek’s “Thin & Flexible”, “Decorative & Functional” and “Tough & Rugged” design options with actual substrate samples, encouraging designers to explore versatilities in everything from weight, stability, coefficient of friction, surface functionality, colors, strength and impact resistance, to the presence of antimicrobial technology and more.

The Volextra® Design Kit demonstrates the variation in product offerings in foam densities ranging from 2pcf to 17pcf, foam thickness ranging from .020” to .250” and coating thickness from 2 mils to 50 mils. Volextra® combines the superior properties of Volara®, with the added benefit of a wide range of extrusion coated surfaces on one-side, two-sides, and between Volara® foam.

Designers are walked through the simple process of selecting their Volara® foam based on foam density, thickness and resin type, as well as performance attributes (including improved surface functionality, durability, rigidity and more). Finally a coating finish and type is selected to ensure desired functionality and aesthetics.

In 2009, Sekisui Voltek refocused its resources on the development of its core competency of web-based flexible substrates with a renewed focus on strong technical service. Part of this initiative was to take advantage of recent technological advancements to better define the company’s Volextra® product line. Through this a new high performance Volara® foam with a flexible substrate was born…along with the new capability to enhance product offerings for high-performance flexible foams and substrates. The Volextra® Design Kit connects designers with ideal foam solutions.

About Sekisui Voltek

Sekisui Voltek, LLC, a part of the worldwide network of Sekisui Chemical groups, is a global leader in the development and production of crosslinked, closed-cell polyolefin foams. For over 40 years, Sekisui Voltek’s innovative foam solutions have been used for a wide variety of applications within the transportation, tape and healthcare, building and construction, sports and leisure, and general industrial markets. Sekisui Voltek has two primary foam processes; Volara® – irradiation crosslinked polyolefin foam in roll, and aminated sheet form, and Volextra® – an extrusion coated Volara® composite.