Collaborative Research Effort Yields Advancement

Collaborative Research Effort Yields Advancement

LAWRENCE, Mass (November 14, 2007) – Specialty materials company Rohm and Haas recently introduced ROBOND™ Prohesion, a water-based adhesive designed for challenging, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) applications. On the heels of that introduction, the company today announced it is partnering with Sekisui Voltek, North America’s market leader in manufactured foam products, to demonstrate the effectiveness of ROBOND Prohesion in conjunction with Sekisui Voltek’s high- performance foams. Pressure sensitive tapes that combine the latest technology from both companies can be used for a variety of high-performance applications, including construction bonding, industrial equipment and appliance assembly, and point-of-sale display materials. Testing indicates that this new fastening system can effectively replace many solvent-based PSA foam materials currently on the market. Rohm and Haas and Sekisui Voltek research and development teams are collaborating in order to tailor the system for customers requiring more specialized product applications and assemblies.

Growing use of PSA foam materials is occurring because these lightweight, easy-to-apply fasteners can be constructed of very thin foam that is precision cut to fit small areas or formed into thicker strips that fill gaps. The materials conform to surface irregularities, increasing the bonding surface area and improving the overall bond. It is reported that the sealing abilities of these products also repel dirt, readily absorb thermal expansion and contraction, distribute stress uniformly across the bond, absorb shock and offer dynamic compression, according to company spokespersons. “While foam tapes appear to be simple, they are vital, high-performance components that provide significant advantages in assembly, product performance and durability,” says Mark Hatch, director of market development for Sekisui Voltek.

About Rohm and Haas Company

Leading the way since 1909, Rohm and Haas is a global pioneer in the creation and development of innovative technologies and solutions for the specialty materials industry. The company’s technologies are found in a wide range of industries including: Building and Construction, Electronics and Electronic Devices, Household Goods and Personal Care, Packaging and Paper, Transportation, Pharmaceutical and Medical, Water, Food and Food Related, and Industrial Process. Innovative Rohm and Haas technologies and solutions help to improve life every day, around the world. Based in Philadelphia, PA, the company generated annual sales of approximately $8.2 billion in 2006. Visit for more information. imagine the possibilities™

About Sekisui Voltek

The Lawrence, MA company is a leading manufacturer of cross-linked polyolefin foam in North America. The company is an integral part of a world wide network dedicated to problem solving, continuous improvement and complete customer satisfaction. Their foams provide cost effective, lightweight, high-performance material options to a wide variety of markets. Their expertise is augmented by that of the other Sekisui companies, giving customers the benefit of more brilliant minds than they ever thought possible.

Boston’s “Big Dig” Inspires Designer to Create

Boston’s “Big Dig” Inspires Designer to Create

LAWRENCE, MA (May 14, 2007) – Sekisui Voltek, LLC is helping Justin Gologorsky by donating materials, including Minicel® L200 foam, to construct a prototype of Tumble – an interactive seat that playfully suggests to be flipped. Each position yields a different sitting experience: flat, curved, inclined, and the amusing rocker. Constructed with a tunneling polypropylene frame wrapped in cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam, Tumble is lightweight and durable, made for interior or exterior use. Color is customizable.

With an architectural background, Gologorsky looks for ‘beauty’ in the built environment and lets it evolve into a project. The idea for the shape of the chair came to him while he was driving through Boston’s “Big Dig” and spotted a concrete box beam. The inherent structural shape of the beam provides stability to the chair. The idea for the materials came to him while in the pool, using a swimming buoy. The Minicel® L200 foam enables Gologorsky to select a single material to accomplish issues of color, form, cushion, lightweight, and durability.

“In my design, I like to let the materials be the end result,” he says, noting the simplicity of the Tumble.

The Tumble prototype is evolving into a production item with an anticipatory full scale launch in autumn 2007. This past January, he exhibited the piece at the International Furniture Fair in Cologne, Germany.

“The first thing people do when they see the chair is touch the foam,” says Gologorsky, who remarks that the foam is one of the main attractions of the interactive and playful chair.

Minicel® L200 is an extremely fine-celled, chemically cross-linked foam in bun form that is ideal for a wide variety of applications where a thicker foam is required. It combines a smooth aesthetic feel with superior physical and chemical properties, and is available in a wide range of types, colors and densities.

Sekisui Voltek is a global leader in the development of cross-linked, closed-cell polyolefin foams for various applications, such as automotive components, appliances, telecommunications, consumer equipment, and toys, as well as leisure and sports equipment.

Sekisui Voltek offers three main product lines: Volara®, Volextra® and Minicel®. Within each of them, Sekisui Voltek can modify elements like resin selection, additives, foaming technologies, cross-linking parameters, density, and thickness to achieve the performance parameters customers need.

For more information about Tumble, contact Justin Gologorsky by e-mail at or by visiting his website, which includes more products, at